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What is “Radical Body Transformations” (RBT)?

An inspiring documentary series featuring filmmaker James Hergott capturing people from all walks of life yearning to transform their bodies. Participants embark on motivational journeys, facing both physical and emotional challenges, yet still achieve life changing results! A spectrum of dramatic transformations are presented including massive gains of 50 pds of muscle as well as fat losses of 150 pds! 

Many have achieved IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Pro Fitness star status. The series includes various special guests including the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Over 90 Successful Radical Body Transformations Thus Far!

Radical Body Transformations participant undergoes a massive muscle gain transformation & gets jacked and ripped

Dad Bod to Ripped in 6 Months!

Radical Body Transformations participant loses 150 pounds in a massive weight loss transformation.

 150 Pound Weight Loss to Figure Winner!  

Radical Body Transformations participant goes from shy girl to ripped fitness beauty

Shy Skinny Girl to Fitness Beauty! 

Jennifer Remazki's "Radical Body Transformations" before and after weight loss transformation.

Jennifer Remazki - "Radical Body Transformations" Seasons 1 & 2:

"We all started somewhere. My journey has not been a constant. What I mean by that is, the perception of the fitness fanatic and athlete you see, is not something I come by naturally without effort. I have struggled with my weight since my teens like many women. I have struggled with disordered eating and body dysmorphia throughout my teens and adult life, like many women, and still battle with it now. I have endured periods of paralyzing low self-esteem, self-doubt and lack of belief in myself and my abilities. I know I am not alone.

The picture on the left represents me at my "over 40 and frumpy" stage. In that picture, I was in the throws of "deciding" that I deserved more in life and change, great change, spawned from that trip and the people that I was surrounded by that week. I will forever be grateful for the seemingly subtle yet profound influence they had over my life in that week. My life changed from that moment on. I knew I was deserving of more and I became open to opportunities and possibility. A couple of months later, I came face-to-face with the most life-transforming opportunity and I took the risk, though I didn't know what I was getting myself into nor how I was going to do it. But by hitting that bottom, seeing the light, taking the risk and working so, so hard in building belief in myself and my abilities, I am getting there...a work in progress always, but I am getting there. And it is so, so worth it.

The picture on the right is not about the physique, but moreover what it represents. That blinged-out The Crystal Suit represents my "power suit" -- think of a business woman, well-polished, walking into a corporate meeting, or a superhero donning her cape. The photo, itself, represents the confident woman who believes in herself, builds her strength every day, respects herself and the body she lives in -- she defies and rejects every criticism thrown at her, every knife that was thrown at her back, every harsh comment that was directed to her by herSELF or by another. The picture, that person standing on that stage represents someone who faces judgement head-on and says "bring it, bitches!" -- someone who pushes fear aside.. "

-Jennifer Remazki, Radical Body Transformations Seasons 1 & 2

Where is it Distributed?

Radical Body Transformations on Amazon Prime

US & UK Distribution

The show is on Amazon Prime (30 episodes have been released so far on NPC and Amazon Prime). Distribution partners include MY Spotlight Independent and LateFlix (distributor for Amazon US & UK)  http://tiny.cc/0cnvaz

Radical Body Transformations now available on Amazon Prime in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Canada, Australia & New Zealand Distribution

The show is expanding and has been picked up by Amazon Prime for distribution of past and future seasons for Amazon Prime in Canada, Australia and New Zealand!  The show will be launching soon at these locations, which expands from current Amazon distribution in the US and UK (30 episodes have been released so far in those countries).

This expansion now covers a total of 5 major countries where the show is available on Amazon Prime. This is in line with what distributor My Spotlight Independent describes as "steady but ferocious growth" of the show!

Blu Ray & DVD for Radical Body Transformations

Blu Ray & DVD

The show is now also available on Blu Ray and DVD. Season 1 out now on Blu-ray x17 eps, 3 disc box set:   http://tiny.cc/v9mvaz

Worldwide Video on Demand

Additionally, Radical Body Transformations is now available on Vimeo for Video on Demand Worldwide for both streaming and buying. http://tiny.cc/tenvaz

Radical Body Transformations on Vimeo for Video on Demand Worldwide for both streaming and buying
Radical Body Transformations on Vimeo for Video on Demand Worldwide for both streaming and buying
Radical Body Transformations Cast Member Jay Brooks.

Season 3 & 4 Focusses on Powerful Stories that will Resonate

Example A: Jay Brooks

*Participant Since Jan 2019

*Firefighter from Dallas, Texas

*Diagnosed PTSD after pulling friend from a deadly fire to save his life


*50 pounds of fat lost and muscle added

*PTSD Symptoms diminished after starting transformation! 

*Got his MBA!
*Promoted to Fire Marshal

*Aspiring bodybuilder

Learn More

This season features participants across a wide range of demographics. While at different stages of their lives, all participants are determined to overcome physical and mental health challenges.

Radical Body Transformations weight loss Participant Kelli Bonomo.

Example B: Kelly Bonomo

*Participant Since April 2019 

*43 year old mom and business owner from Chicago who must balance family and work life 

*Former fitness competitor

*Total hip replacement surgery in Feb 2019
*Could no longer run so has taken up cycling and is making a complete comeback! 

Radical Body Transformations participant Candice Carter and WWE superstar Mick Foley

Example C: Candice Carter

*Youth Paster and DJ in North Carolina

*Participant since May 2019

*Has Lost 30 pounds so far

*Learned about diet and got her family and youth ministry off of sugary sodas and onto healthier eating!

*WWE Superstar Mick Foley encouraged her on the positive effects of the show!

*Candice:  "Radical Body Transformations has changed my life!"

Radical Body Transformations on location filming.

Now Casting for Seasons 3 & 4!!

Do you want to be The Next Radical Transformation?

We are now actively casting for Seasons 3 & 4 of Radical Body Transformations!  

  • We will match you up with an amazing coach who will customize your diet and training to get you the body you have always wanted!
  • Change Your life!
  • Have your journey captured on Camera!
  • Be part of a group of other Transformers as you share your experiences with one another! 
  • Past Participants have received sponsored products and services to help on their journey..

What are we looking for:

  • People of all different ages, locations and goals who are looking to transform themselves.   You could be underweight and looking to gain muscle.  You could be overweight and have health issues and looking to get healthy.  You could be looking to compete in something a marathon, bodybuilding, fitness or another lifelong goal.  We welcome a variety of transformations.
  • People with an interesting story and background that others can relate to.
  • People who are ready to make the emotional, mental and physical investment it takes to actually enact change.

How do I apply?

Go to the bottom of the  web page and email us with the criteria indicated.


Contact Us or Apply for the Show

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If you are looking to Submit for a Transformation

Please email us with the following information:

  • Why you want a transformation
  • What your goal is
  • Your location
  • A picture
  • What makes you unique

James Hergott's Email:


Why I Started This Show!

James Hergott on the Poster of the Cobourg Naturals Bodybuilding Show.

At First Everything Was Going Great...

At the age of 36, I was a successful Film and TV Producer and Director as well as a

National Level Bodybuilder.  I was preparing for a bodybuilding competition in my hometown in Canada. I was even on the poster.

James Hergott in Hospital after surgery for ulcer.

Then, Life Threw Me a Curveball...

Unexpectedly and without warning I was rushed to the hospital and it was discovered that I had an ulcer that had perforated and I almost died.  I underwent emergency surgery leaving me with 36 staples.

James Hergott competing in bodybuilding physique show at the the Winston invitational.

The Power of Perseverance ...

I went on to compete in the competition and did the best I could given the adversity I faced.

From that point forward I dedicated myself to creating a show that helps others achieve their fitness and life goals, thereby creating the inspiring“Radical

Body Transformations!”

Read the full story

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